Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Traseul Curmatura - Vf. Turnu - Vf. Ascutit

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Valea Crapaturii
The gap between Piatra mica and Turnu Peak, and a way to reach the city of Zarnesti. We reach this place after climbing from Curmatura chalet.

Piatra mica peak and the track to Turnu Peak.

 The mountain range seen from Turnu Peak (1923m).

Padina Popii peak is the closest, followed by vf. Ascutit. ("the Sharp peak")

For a great view, check out my spherical panorama here.

Padina Popii peak, and the track following the ridge. You can see the western mountain wall, with its beautiful white - green slopes.

The signpost on top of Padina Inchisa pass, detailing the directions for the tracks, and the estimated time of
arrival to the objective.

Following the track to Vf. Ascutit. As you can see the track mark is a red circle, very clearly painted on obvious rocks or trees.

Clouds gathering over the southern area of the mountain range.

South east view over the lower area of the mountain range.

                                             A friendly dog pointing the track to Vf. Ascutit


 On top of Vf. Ascutit at 2136m altitude. In the upper center of the picture we can see La Om peak, the tallest in the area, with 2238m altitude, and on the lower right side we can see the Lehman refuge, painted in red.

From here we can press on towards La om Peak following the red circle marking or head back to Curmatura lodge, taking the blue triangle mark all the way down.                  

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