Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Traseul Curmatura - Vf. Piatra Mica - Poiana Zanoaga

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After a short climb from Curmatura chalet, we arrive at the crossroads in Saua Crapaturii.

From here we take the blue circle mark that will take us up on Piatra Mica peak. ("Small rock peak"). Estimated time of arrival is 1 hour.

Saua Crapaturii, seen from further up the track.

First climbing section of the track. It is well marked and a strong wire is mounted in place for assistance.

 Southern slope of Piatra Mica and to the right we can see Prapastiile Zarnestilor

The marking is accurate here, we actually have to go down.

Taking a look back :)

The track is well marked with signs painted on the more obvious rocks. On this section taking a left or right means falling off a cliff so...forwards :)
 And finally, the cross on top of Piatra Mica peak. This monument is clearly visible from the city of Zarnesti, and it's dedicated to the fallen heroes.

On top Piatra Mica peak..The city of Zarnesti is visible on the upper right side.

After a well deserved rest, we continue onward to Poiana Zanoaga ("Zanoaga glade").

From this point, the track is going down all the way, trough the forest.

And finally we arrive in poiana Zanoaga. In this picture we can see in the distance the Bucegi mountain range.

From here we can take the path back to Curmatura chalet, or continue downhill, eventually reaching the city of Zarnesti.

A small wooden cross on the track back to Curmatura chalet.

There is a spring running nearby.

The last thing of note on the track is the Mountain-rescue cabin. When we reach this, Curmatura chalet is close nearby.

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